From a father who had been denied any relationship with his son:
"Jack, It was truly a pleasure working with you. I truly wish you and your wife a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for all your hard work. I met (NAME OF CHILD WITHHELD) last Friday and I must say, he's a fine young boy - he's the greatest Christmas gift I've ever received. I promise to do everything humanly possible to be the father he deserves. You're a fine attorney, Jack. Your parents and wife should be very proud of you. If I ever need an attorney, I will get a hold of you. Best to you, (IDENTITY OF CLIENT WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY REASONS)"

From a woman in a divorce:
"Dear Mr. Riley, I just want to thank you again. I think you'll go far being the type of person you are. Honest & fair. It was an honor having you for my lawyer. It brought back 'a little faith' in the judicial system. Thank you once again." (IDENTITY OF CLIENT WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY REASONS)

From grandparents seeking to maintain a legal relationship with their grandchild:
"Jack, Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate what you did for us and (NAME OF CHILD WITHHELD). Without your hard work we would not be a part of (NAME OF CHILD WITHHELD)'s life. Thank you!" (IDENTITY OF CLIENTS WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY REASONS)

From another set of grandparents seeking to protect their grandchild from endangering living circumstances:
"(NAME WITHHELD) and I want to thank you and your staff for putting up with us first of all, then for the great work and hours that went into our case. (NAME OF CHILD WITHHELD) is doing great, loving (GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION WITHHELD). We know that without all of you and the graces of God things would be different. Continue to grow but don't change your style. You are a class act and truly a gift from God! Thanks to all."